Frequently Asked Questions

Who i contact for technical support?

To get quick answer you should contact Automatic Email Manager team directly, use this page »

What is the difference between lifetime and an annual license?

An annual license has a small price and is valid only for 1 year, the lifetime (perpetual) never expires. For both licenses you receive unlimited support with all updates (major and minor) during subscription.

Which type of account does it support?

It supports all major email box type: Gmail, Office365, Exchange, regular POP and IMAP4.

To convert emails in PDF, do i need Outlook or any other emails reader software?

No, this software works on background alone, it doesn't need Outlook or any email reader or anything else.

Is there a limitation on number of accounts we can add?

No, but if you plan a lot of emails accounts you need a fast computer and clean inbox (more emails you have in inbox more slower it is).

Does Automatic Email Manager is limited to convert emails only?

No, you can do a lot of automatic functions like printing email body and attachments, reply emails, forward, execute external program on new email notification.