WinPopup Gold is used in more than 40 countries, over 500,000 downloads...

    Send, receive messages and chat
                         on your local office network (LAN)

TOP reasons to Buy
safe Safe, no Internet access

for local network Only for your local network

no server need No server need, self setup

Offline messages Send message to offline contact

 Exchange short messages

chat on your lan Chat with your coworkers

 See who is online

You need a small application to send and receive short instant messages on your local network ?
It's like the old WinPopup from Microsoft,
but with new greats features:

 Lightweight application in your tray, No configuration to setup, No server need.

 Fast and Automatic contact status: At the start, WinPopup gold search automatically all connected users, and is refresh in real time.

 Manage your contacts with the media Address Book: Assign picture and sound, define a local nickname for each contact.

 Send message to contact OFFLINE: If the contact is offline, you can even send a message. When this contact will be ONLINE the message will be sent automatically.

Message confirmation: You can select which type of confirmation you want to receive (just a popup, a message box, a standard message or just the message history status change).

 Keep track of your messages with the history . You can Print, Read, Delete stored messages. You can also sort them, in the grid you have a visual view of each type of message(Sent, read, not read, file attached,...) as in your email program.

 View who is connected in real time. All your contact in you address book are displayed with their status (On Line or Off Line). You can Print the user''s status list, with date and time, and you can also send a message by clicking directly on the name.

 Chat with your friends, colleagues or familly. A chat session is available, of course you can receive at the same moment an instant message.

 Set your online status: Set you Away, On Phone, Custom with autoresponder message.

 Mailing list: Send in one click a message to all a group, you can assign many mailing list to all users.

 Skins available: Create the graphic look & feel of your company, or download from the web all available skins. Easy to create the skin, an editor is include in WinPopup Gold.

 Easy to use, this new interface is better than ever, with a fast access to all functions. We added new recipient list selector.

 Share file: you can join a file to your messages (only if you share a local folder on your network).

 Use favorites message: you can save your favorites messages.

 Can be compatible with the old WinPopup from Microsoft: you can choose your message channel and continue to use it with Windows 95/98 or with Samba linux.

 Multi-Languages: You don't find your language, it's easy to translate it in real time, less than 10 minutes.

 Many options as display the application to the taskbar, always on top, auto-minimize when send a message, auto-open when receive one,...

 Administration, you can define special access for each computer(user) like the possibily to read only message, to chat only,... Deploy these rules to all computers easily with the backup and restore function.

And much more ... 


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sending a message is easy
Sending a Message is easy

receive message
Receive message is automatic

messages history
Keep track with the history

real time who is connected
View who's connected

multimedia address book
Media Address Book

chat on your lan
Chat also

personal settings
Many options

Administration is easy
Administrator settings

Set the appearance of your company with skins

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